It”s amazing how a simple night out with a few friends ended with the discovery of one of the most amazing Indian bands I have ever heard.

Bangalore has always had a very active and diverse music scene; from heavy metal to classic rock n’ roll, there is always a band that caters to the kind of music that you like. But most of the artists I’ve seen have always had the feel of belonging to and targeting an audience belonging to a slightly more affluent section of our society. And there is a very good reason for this: most of these artists were exposed to and inspired by western music because they belonged to that particular part of our society.

The band Soulmate though had a very different feel to it. It had the raw and visceral feeling to it, like so much of early blues music. The lead singer felt like Joplin while the guitarist seemed to be channeling Hendrix as he just tore through solos. It’s hard to describe the feeling of listening to them play; the sheer energy of everyone in the band and the way they all seemed to know what the other person was doing was indescribable. I think the best way to know them is to see them perform live. In the absence of that, the following video will have to suffice.

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