Sighing to myself, I step onto the customs line at the airport. It wasn’t a particularly long flight, being just under four hours, but it was in the middle of the night and I am not a fan of sleeping on airline seats. The economy seats seems to be getting more and more congested every time I fly.

But the benefit of a red-eye flight is the lack of lines. Most people would rather spend a little more money and get a more comfortable timings and deals with the line. Me; I can’t deal with lines at all. I just never got the appeal of standing around for so much time, with so many other people, all of them cramped together worse than tuna in a can because at least the tuna gets some breathing room. No, not here though. These people would rather spend hours grinding and rubbing against the same people they would be stuck with inside the giant metal dildo with wings rather than take a late night flight.

Not for me; I like flying at odd times on odd flights. Besides the minimal waiting time, there’s also the benefit of knowing that these people want as little to do with other people as me. No shoving, pushing or rubbing here. These people keep to the lines, stand apart and wait quietly.My kind of people.

It doesn’t take long for me to clear customs and collect by bags. I smile as I reach the arrivals lounge. The gigantic terminal walls limits my view of the outside to the cabs waiting on the asphalt to carry us wherever our hearts desire for whatever fares they desire. Looking up, I see the glass ceiling  and through it the inky black sky of the pre-dawn morning.

I slowly push my trolley towards the bathroom, whistling. Walking in, a cursory glance showed it to be empty. Not surprising really; another benefit of flights at this particular time. Very few people flying and most of them just trying to get home, or the closest to home in this city, as quick as they can.

Looking under the cubicle doors to ensure privacy, I lift my bag to the counter and open it up. Inside were two little shampoo bottles filled with clear liquids; one slightly viscous and the other with a more watery constitution. Setting them on the counter, I retrieve the other two packages in my bag. Looking at the door to check if anyone was coming in and satisfied that I’m alone, I climb onto the counter and reach up to the dropped ceiling above. Gingerly lifting the tile, I reach in and slowly pull out the device I had left there on my previous trip.

I step down and place it on the counter. Now came the tricky part: I had to be very careful to mix the nitric acid and the glycerine properly. One careless move and months of works would blow up in my face; quite literally. I take a deep breath and open the bottles. Slowing and carefully I mix the contents of the shampoo bottles in a container attached to the device I just retrieved.

When the mixture is stable and ready, I open the package and take out the waxy blocks inside. All this while my ears are pricked to check if any of the very few people in the airport are coming to use the facilities. Carefully I add the final ingredient to the mix and seal the container.

I finally let out a sigh of relief. That was the hard part, the rest of it was easy. I fix the container to the device and finish the wiring work. The finished product brings a smile to my face. I replace it back in the ceiling and close up my bag.

That was the last one. Finally, after months of doing this, all the pieces were in place and ready, all the devices had been set up and they were all just waiting. All it would take now is for someone to push the big red button to set off the show.

The sun had finally started coming up when I reach the gates and step outside. Hailing a cab, I put on my sunglasses and smile at the rising sun.

Once the cab was crossing out of the airprort into the city, I pull out my phone and open up a simple app. I tap the big red button and smile when I hear the boom in the distance. It feels so good to see something you’ve put in so much time, effort and planning into, pay off.

Someone had been very right when they had said that with enough soap you can blow up just about everything


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